Premium Shower Filter AQ 4100NSH


The BPA-free Aquasana AQ-4100NSH Shower Filter allows you to choose your own shower head or you can just attach it to your current shower hose.

The two-stage filter lasts six months, reduces chlorine and harmful chemical vapors, enhances pH balance, prevents soap scum build-up, and provides the highest quality shower water for the cleanest, healthiest shower experience.

“It’s like showering in natural spring water!”

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Do i have to pay for a plumber to install the system?

Aquasana shower systems are very easy to install, and you can do it yourself in minutes. No plumber is necessary. Please follow the instructions and look at the installation video.

What is the flow rate of the AQ-4100, AQ-4100NSH, & AQ-4105?

The optimum flow rate for the filter and shower head is 9.5 litres per minute.

Can i use my own shower head or hand-held wand with the AQ-4100?

Yes, you can use your own shower head. The AQ-4100NSH is the correct model for individuals using their own shower head. Just remember the shower head needs to have the same 1/2-inch connection as standard shower heads and the ideal flow rate would be 9.5 litres per minute. If your showerhead processes more than a 9.5 litres flow rate per minute, the quality of filtration may degrade slightly. Increasing the flow rate by changing the shower head reduces contact time with the media and will reduce the filtration quality. If you decrease the flow rate of the system by using a different shower head, or use a shower head with a shut-off switch, you may cause damage to the system and void your warranty.

Can i use the shower system for drinking water?

Drinking some of the water during your shower poses no health risk. However, Aquasana does not recommend that you use the shower system as a primary drinking water source since it is not designed as a drinking system and has only been tested under shower conditions and regulations.

Can i hook the shower system up under a constant pressure application?

No, the shower system is designed to allow the water to consistently pass through the system as it filters. If the system is under constant pressure and unable to release the pressure introduced into the system during filtration, damage can occur to the unit.

How do i know if the Aquasana shower system will fit the shower pipe coming out of my wall?

Most shower connections are 1/2-inch, which means that the Aquasana shower systems will fit the shower pipe in most homes.

How much chlorine does the shower system remove?

Aquasana shower systems are tested to remove 91% chlorine for 38,000 litres.

How do i know how many showers it takes to use 38,000 liters (38 cubic meter)?

38,000 litres at 9.5 litres per minute = 4,000 minutes of showering
– You can take 400 10-minute showers
– You can take 267 15-minute showers