Solution for access to pristine water to drink and cook

Tested and Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 58 and 401 for the claims specified on the Performance Data Sheet.

Why not make your life easy once and for all and install a permanent source of clean and great tasting nutrient rich water flowing from its own faucet right in your kitchen?

All it takes is a few adjustments: a drilled hole on your kitchen sink or counter and storage under your sink and you will be set to enjoy a free flow of great tasting and clean water to drink and cook with in the comfort of your kitchen flowing from its own faucet!

All our award-winning Undersink models are NSF/ANSI certified to remove up to 99% of 88 contaminants to instantly transform your ordinary tap water into clean, great tasting healthy water rich in vital nutrients for you and your loved ones.