Shower Filters

Shower Filters

Protect your hair and skin

90% of chlorine and synthetic harsh chemicals are removed by our NSF certified shower filters to ensure your skin and hair are protected in your daily cleansing rituals.

Allow your skin to perform its natural protection role by not disrupting it with harsh chemicals. You will see and feel for yourself the difference as skin is moist and does no longer feel dry!

Rapidly note how your hair is getting softer and shinier and your scalp healthier and hair color stays true and lasts longer!

Replace only every six months our BPA free two-stage filter cartridge to reduce chlorine and harmful chemical vapors to enhance pH balance, prevent soap scum build-up, and maintain the highest quality shower water for the cleanest, healthiest cleansing experience.

Adaptable Filter

Tested and Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 177 for the claim specified on the Performance Data Sheet.