4 things we should never take for granted


Never take for granted

March is finally here! This month not only marks the beginning of warmer weather and long daylight hours, but it also has many important dates to celebrate such as World Wildlife Day, International Day of Happiness, International Day of Forests, and World Water Day!

What do all of these special dates have in common? They are all celebrated to raise awareness about little things in life that bring us joy and are extremely necessary for our lives. These are things we should never take for granted such as:

Clean Air

Do you ever pay attention to the air you breathe? If you live in a rich country where the air is clean and free of harmful pollutants you probably don’t. However, if you live in a developing country where there’s a lot of pollution you are likely to take clean air as a luxury. People living in highly polluted cities such as Dhaka, Kathmandu, or Mumbai struggle to breathe fresh air in the streets to the point where some even wear face masks to protect themselves. Next time you go outdoors for a walk and breathe fresh air, think about how lucky you are to enjoy that privilege.


We can all agree that trees are one of the most beautiful things that nature has given us. Without them, we wouldn’t even exist because they produce most of the oxygen that humans and wildlife breathe. Besides purifying the air we breathe, trees act as noise filters, reduce water runoff and sediment deposit after storms, help us combat climate change, and also provide us with nutritious seeds and fruits to eat among other things. They give us so much in so many ways, so it’s important to appreciate them and the ways in which they make our lives even better!

Wildlife and Forests

Wildlife also plays an important role in our lives! The term “wildlife” not only refers to wild animals such as lions or tigers, but also to forests, oceans, deserts and more. According to the World Economic Forum, most businesses including construction, agriculture, and food and beverage are highly nature-dependent. That means that more than half the world’s GDP is tied to nature. In the Global South,1.6 billion people depend on forests and globally ¾ jobs depend on water. In other words, just as trees, wildlife is essential to survive and maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Clean Water

Can you imagine having a day without water? You wouldn’t be able to cook, take a shower, brush your teeth or flush the toilet. Unfortunately, that happens to millions of people around the world, especially to those living in developing countries. We are all supposed to have the right to clean water, but over the years that right has become a luxury for some.

If you live in a place where water doesn’t come clean enough to drink, you can always invest in a water filter system to ensure the water you use at home is always free of harsh chemicals.

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Don’t forget that life is full of amazing things that contribute to our happiness and wellbeing. We as a society should preserve all the natural resources we have available to protect our environment so that these resources last for a long time. We are so lucky to live in a world full of amazing things!

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