Impact of water pollution on your hair and skin


How is water pollution harming your hair and skin ?

Your skin is not only an important line of defense but is your biggest organ. Beautiful skin reflects good health! It is never too late to protect your skin, to heal it and to prevent long term damages. Beautiful hair has been through the ages the sign of attractiveness, but also is a mirror of good health! Caring for both skin and hair can start simply with choosing wisely how you nourish them from within and how you protect them from the outside!

Although there is no single miracle solution for perfect healthy skin and hair, especially as we are all exposed at various degrees to different types of pollution (air, prolonged sun exposure, cosmetics, food, stress, etc.) that affect our well-being and that have immediate or long-term impact on our hair and skin, Aquasana Thailand can at least give you 2 preventive solutions to safeguard your overall health and support your hair and skin’s natural beauty!

Your solution for great skin is to drink lots of water to keep hydrated and eliminate toxins. By drinking water, we mean pure, chemical free water that is rich in mineral and nutrients. According to Dr. Hyman, healthy skin comes first from within. More than the expensive cream you will buy is what you will eat and drink that will impact your skin’s health and appearance.

Thus, the food and the water you select greatly matter. On this issue, just install one of Aquasana Thailand Drinking Water Filters to get the best tasting and cleanest water straight from your tap! Aquasana has your filter match and here is one that delivers near-instant clean and great water at an unbeatable price!

How can we help you to be a healthier you?

NSF Certified Claryum® filtration technology independently tested and proven to remove over 97% of chlorine and chloramines
  •  Have your own source of clean, great tasting and nutrient rich water coming from your tap to drink and cook with
  • Easy and quick installation without permanent fixture
  • Receive best quality filtered water in abundance for 6 months straight from your kitchen
  • No more storage wasted on plastic bottles 
  •  Feel proud to live  sustainably and preserving our planet by lessening your plastic waste
  • Save a-lot of money
Reduce damage on your skin and hair

Recognize damaged hair and skin

  • Your hair is damaged despite expensive care and treatments
  • your hair looks dull 
  • You loose hair
  • Your skin feels tight
  • Your skin is dry after taking a shower
  • Persistent acne
  • Signs of aging 
  • Eczema
  • Atopic dermatitis

Another ignored solution for great skin health and beautiful hair is the use of a shower filter. Why does that even come into the topic you might think? Well, it does very much so! It is very likely you shower and cleanse with water that has undergone the treatment process of your city’s water treatment facilities that require the use of chlorine and other strong antibacterial chemicals to ensure it is safe for your consumption and use. This water will then travel through pipes before it is delivered to you.

That clean shower that helps you wake up in the morning and rejuvenates you after a long day will surely be clean but also gentle by using an Aquasana Thailand shower filter. By dramatically reducing chlorine and other contaminants by over 90%, your hair will be stronger and softer and hair colors will last longer. The itchy dry feeling on your skin will disappear allowing softer moisturized comfortable skin you feel good in.

The magic effect you see and feel does not only end here! Friendly to your skin and hair indeed , the shower filter will also be beneficial to the invisible friendly bacteria and necessary microorganisms existing on your epidermis layer whose job is to protect your skin from exterior aggression. Indeed, after the gut, there are more microorganisms on your skin than anywhere else! Whilst the use of strong chemicals are necessary to purify and avoid municipal water contamination, that necessary process leaves a water unfortunately harmful to the sensitive and yet powerful army of friendly bacteria on your epidermis that regulates our skin natural defense!

How can we help you get the compliments?

90% of chlorine and synthetic chemicals removed by our NSF certified shower filter
  • Quick DIY installation for the most effective shower filtration
  • Adaptable on most shower installations
  • Less irritated skin is healthy, comfortable skin you feel good in
  • Shiny, softer hair and hair color that last
  • A purer water to cleanse with and to rejuvenate for you and your loved ones
  • BPA free and exclusively made of eco friendly ingredients 

Our BPA free two-stage shower filter has a cartridge lasting 6 months to reduce chlorine and harmful chemical vapors (chloramine) to enhance your skin’s pH balance. You will feel immediately the difference by installing a shower filter from Aquasana Thailand. Adaptable in most showers, in no time, you will be set for 6 months of pure bliss! Don’t be surprise to receive compliments with how your hair looks shinier and softer! Our filters are not miracle products. But, they sure are your best ally to let your natural health and beauty blossom by preventing water pollution to harm your skin and hair on a daily basis and allowing you to be just your best version!

Eco Friendly Ingredients:

Coconut shell carbon and patented copper – zinc

Bangkok water is harsh. My skin and hair were dry. Since using Aquasana my hair and skin have improved significantly. It’s worth the price as now I feel and look better. I will be an Aquasana customer for life!
Joy Meadow

Replacement cartridge?

Always use genuine, NSF Standards 42 and 61 certified Aquasana easy to replace cartridges.

90% of chlorine and synthetic chemicals removed by our NSF certified shower filter
  • Quick and easy DIY installation for immediate use
  • BPA free and NSF certified 
  • Over 90% reduction of chlorine and harmful chemical vapors (chloramine) to enhance your skin’s pH balance and preserve its friendly bacteria
  • Does not affect your water pressure
  • Easily replace your cartridge every 6 months
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