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Best Environmentally Friendly Water Filters Available in Thailand

At the forefront of water filtration engineering and innovation, Aquasana filters are created with you & the environment in mind


Eco – Friendly Water Filters Solution To Filter Maximum Contaminants Yet  Keeping Nutrients

Best-in-class environmentally friendly water filters technology to provide maximum reduction in contaminants while retaining beneficial minerals to support our daily water needs


  • Chlorine and chloramines 97% 97%
  • Lead and asbestos 99% 99%
  • Pharmaceuticals like estrone and ibuprofen 96% 96%
What we propose

“Same Same, But Very Different Environmentally Friendly Water Filters


We propose affordable eco-friendly water filters from Aquasana that you can’t compare with other brands on the market here in Bangkok.

Over 20 years, Aquasana has been offering environmentally friendly water filters to suit every possible need and address every home water issue.

We have selected their products that have no rival nor equivalent locally. You have heard of “same same, but different”? This is us! We have filters but they are different. They are environmentally friendly water filters that filter contaminants but retain the good nutrients and they give great tasting quality water without breaking the bank.

My Story

Savandara Arellano

Savandara Arellano

Founder& Owner

Never running out of great tasting, clear and clean water from my kitchen tap is what makes me so satisfied and grateful for using the environmentally friendly water filter. The comfort of no longer having to plan replenishment, carry and store bottles is unequalled. The collateral effortless embracing of a plastic free(er) lifestyle is an unmentionable reward…These are tangible benefits to own your filter and start a more ecological and healthier lifestyle.

If you are still skeptical to join a growing ecological and healthy community, Aquasana has been a US manufacturing water filtration company for over 20 years. Their sole focus has been creating, patenting and manufacturing water filtration devices, which is why they are a leading and trusted brand.

To choose this brand over others, I did my research and probably like you I have a PhD on long lasting equipment that deliver quality without fuss at an affordable price. This is why I chose an Aquasana environmentally friendly water filters.

The benefits became so palpable that it had to be shared! So, three years later I became their authorized dealer and first introduced them in Thailand. As such, I am independent and import what can’t be found locally or matched in quality and price. However, I am happy to accommodate special orders that is not proposed in our website.

Like you, living healthy in a city has been a proactive ongoing journey which demands some planning and decision. However, the one choice that has been in this journey the easiest to make by far is owning a filter! I have owned the same simple drinking filter for now 7 years and I have upgraded it only 3 years ago with a hose having a diverter!

I thought I was all set until I started reading more about the importance of shower water quality… Indeed, not only drinking water quality matters, so does the quality of showering water have health repercussion. I had never thought the act of cleaning oneself could possibly bring about pollutants!  It sadly does… Chlorine and chloramine have adverse impact on our health. We can’t underestimate the care of our biggest organ, can’t we? So, the second easy health improvement I made was to install an environmentally friendly shower filter to help our biggest organ do its protective shield role.

My journey started with a little life change which has brought so much benefits including saving money whilst saving our planet (by not using plastic). I have ever since been so pleased that this has motivated me to inform as many as possible and help start other journeys a step at a time. I hope to help you start yours or meet you somewhere there.