We are Aquasana Thailand

Using our USA-made, certified NSF range of filters is the most sustainable way you can consume a precious commodity becoming more and more limited: WATER!

Great drinking quality and taste are guaranteed when using our filters.

Last but not least, without effort and adding to your comfort and financial advantage, your lifestyle will promote the preservation of our environment. How? Simply abstaining from buying plastic bottled water and using our filters.

Win-win for you and the Earth so delay no more!

Plastic Waste In The Environment

Good for you and Good for the environment

My name is Savandara and I am the mother of two children who feels blessed to call the big, bustling, wonderful city of Bangkok home. But like many, over the past few years the terrible news of climate change, increasing pollution and environmental degradation caught my attention. I became curious about the different ways and means that I could make my family safer and healthier in our day to day lives. I wanted to be able to find solutions that were safe not only for us, but for the environment as well. My first major change was the simple one of getting a water filter for our household tap; this was seven years ago. It was a win-win for both our family – getting high quality, great tasting, clean, drinking water from our tap that never runs out – and for the environment as we stopped our terrible habit of buying countless plastic bottles! Even the comfort of no longer having to plan for the replenishment, the transportation and the storing of plastic water bottles was a sigh of relief.

This “simple” change that we made, a small investment for our household by getting a tap water filter, made a huge impact on me. I realized that we can all individually contribute to making sustainable changes that better the environment. I shudder to think back to the thousands and thousands of plastic water bottles that me and my family “wasted” for years. It motivated me to conduct more research to find other healthy changes we could make as a family that could better the environment.

A lawyer by training, I jumped at the chance to find out more and to learn as much as I could. This is the path that brought me to launching Aquasana in Thailand.

I began reading everything I could about water quality. This led me to learn not just about the importance of drinking water but also the water we use to shower and bathe. Indeed, the quality of showering water can have health repercussions. I had never thought that the act of cleaning oneself could possibly bring about pollutants but found out that sadly it does. Chlorine and chloramine that is present in the water that runs in our homes can have adverse impacts on our health. The second big change in living a healthier lifestyle was installing environmentally friendly shower filters in our home. This not only helps our biggest organ – skin! – to do its protective shield role, it also is better for our hair and again, the environment as a whole.

I purchased Aquasana filters for our showers and never turned back. When we next have our permanent home, I sure will equip it with the Whole House system.

Aquasana is a US manufacturing water filtration company that has been delivering safe water solutions for homes and businesses for over 24 years across the globe. They are a leading and trusted brand that has been developing, patenting and manufacturing water filtration devices used by families in over 33 countries. Being an active member of the international community in Bangkok that was increasingly worried about the environment I began sharing my knowledge with friends. Their interest and satisfaction once they too started using water filters made me want to do more – not just for the expats but for the wonderful local community that is my family. As such 7 years ago, I became Aquasana’s first authorized dealer in Thailand. I am independent and import what can’t be found locally or matched in quality and/or prices. However, I am happy to accommodate special orders that are not proposed on our website.

It seems silly to say this but it is true “water filters changed my life”. I am healthier, my family is healthier and unbelievably, the planet is healthier too. The fact that I am able to share this with the people of Thailand – my home – fills me with gratitude each day.