3 Things 2020 has taught us


3 things in 2020

It’s no secret that the year 2020 hasn’t been a good one for anyone. A series of unfortunate events happened since the beginning of the year, including a Pandemic that stopped the whole world, hurricanes that inundated cities and wildfires that burned thousands of acres in different countries, among other important things.

It may sound crazy but not everything is bad, as the saying says “there’s always something positive, even in negative situations.” All these events that happened in 2020 taught us important life lessons, including:

Take Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

Yes, it may sound cliché but sometimes we get too caught up with work or school that we forget to stop for a moment and appreciate the little things that life has to offer. A recent study in the UK found that 64 percent of people find joy in things they rarely found pleasure in before this year. The same study suggests that little things like not having to queue at the checkout, getting a call from a loved-one and receiving an unexpected compliment can change the day for nine in 10 adults. You don’t necessarily need to smell real roses, but you can enjoy the rain, watch the stars, read a book or get some vitamin D on the balcony.

Don’t Leave Anything for Later

How many times have you procrastinated a plan because you were busy doing other things at the moment? So often in life, we leave fun plans like throwing a party or travelling to a fun destination on hold because we believe it’s not the right time, but the question is: when is it? Instead of giving yourself excuses not to do what you want, start coming up with excuses to actually do it because tomorrow may be too late.  

Appreciate Your Health

If there’s something 2020 taught us really well is that we should never take our health for granted! As we mentioned before, sometimes we are too preoccupied with our hectic life, work and family issues that we forget to prioritize healthy habits like eating a balanced diet, doing exercise and of course, drinking enough water! Truth is, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much money we make in our jobs, or how successful we are. What matters the most is our physical and emotional health.

At Aquasana, we believe one of the first steps to start taking care of your health is by making sure the water you drink on a daily basis is clean and free of harsh chemicals. That’s one of the most important reasons why we offer high-quality water filter systems you can get to enjoy clear, great-tasting water at home or even on the go! Our options include:

  • Drinking filters: These types of filters are cost-effective, and they save you the trouble of boiling the tap water or going shopping every day for bottled water that doesn’t make any good to the environment. We have different options depending on your lifestyle like over-the-counter, under-the-counter or even water dispensers perfect for those homes that don’t have good water pressure.
  • Shower filter: This filter allows you to eliminate 90% of chlorine and synthetic chemicals that come from the water in the shower. Once you install it, you’ll be able to see positive changes in both your hair and skin in a matter of weeks.
  • Bottles with filter: A must-have to enjoy a sip of water on the go! These bottles come with a cartridge that lasts about 3 months and equals 600 drinking bottles of about ½ litre. A convenient option for the whole family!


No matter how tough this year has been, we believe the year ahead will come with tons of new opportunities for all of us. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season surrounded by your loved ones and a very good start to the year!

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