3 Reasons Why Preservation of Water Is Important

Have you ever wondered how life would be without water? Well, it’s hard to imagine because without water, life as we know it wouldn’t exist at all. Every living thing, from cyanobacteria to plants, animals, and humans need water to survive. Some organisms need more water than others but at the end of the day, water, in all its forms, is essential to all of us.

Since there are a lot of important days celebrated on September such as Ozone Preservation Day on the 16th, World Maritime Day on the 24th, and World Rivers Day on the 27th, we decided to raise awareness about the importance of preserving water to demonstrate how this clear substance is essential to every ecosystem on Earth. Take a look at these top 3 reasons why we should all contribute to the preservation of water:

  • Water Protects Our Ecosystem and Wildlife

Humans are not the only ones on Earth that need water to stay hydrated and healthy! As we mentioned above, water is essential for every ecosystem on Earth. Every species on this planet needs water to live and survive. In fact, according to insights from the paper Water to Survive, natural ecosystems play a vital role in securing water resources by regulating the water flow, ensuring water quality, and reducing the impact of natural disasters.

  • Without Water, We Wouldn’t Have Food

Water is not only used for drinking but also for growing crops and manufacturing energy and transportation. The fruits you eat in the morning or the vegetables you enjoy at lunch require water to grow, otherwise, they will suffer from drought and become useless plants. In other words, water equals life, and without it, the world’s population will starve to death.

  • Water Supply Is Already Limited

You may think that there is a lot of water out there because oceans are big, but truth is that out of the 70% of the water that is available, only 0.03% is made up of freshwater! There is a percentage that is locked in ice caps, glaciers, in the atmosphere, and even under the earth’s surface while there is another percentage that is just too polluted for consumption. Some countries don’t even have access to clean water, so the people that live there have to jeopardize their health every day to get a bit of this precious resource even if it’s not clean enough.

By effectively reducing water consumption you can make a huge contribution to the planet to ensure not only clean water for yourself for a long time, but also for all living organisms on earth! At Aquasana, we strongly care for the environment and that’s the main reason why we work hard to offer water filters that allow individuals to consume clean freshwater in communities where there is a lack of it.
There are different types of water filters we have available that you can use at home to transform ordinary tap water into clean, extraordinary water:

The over-the-counter filter: a great option for those who move frequently but still want to have unlimited access to good tasting water!

The under-the-counter filter: designed to be installed under the counter of your kitchen. This is the best option for those who don’t have enough space to accommodate a water filter system in the kitchen! You can simply install it under your sink and enjoy clean water at all times.



Reusable water bottles: if having a water filter at home is too complicated for you, or you simply don’t have enough budget for it, you can always opt for a reusable water bottle. These are great to carry clean water wherever you go!

Water dispenser: having problems with your water pressure? Our water dispensers can ensure you clean water for up to 3 months with one cartridge without having to install anything but just plug the machine to any power source.

Shower filter: Yes, polluted water can cause damage to your skin and hair as well. To prevent this from happening you can easily attach a filter to your shower hose and replace the filter every 6 months to ensure effectiveness.

Do not take this precious resource for granted, start preserving water, and make sure to share this article with those who are still not aware of the importance of this resource to all living organisms on Earth!