It’s Time to Take Care of Our Environment

This week we honour two days that are extremely important to our planet. Yes, we are talking about the World Environment Day celebrated on June 5th, and the World Oceans Day celebrated on June 8th. These days are crucial to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our beautiful planet.

You have probably heard or read over the last few years, either in the news or on social media, articles about wildlife species disappearing faster than before, endangered animals, forests being destroyed or burned, icebergs melting and countries lacking clean water to consume. Truth is, humanity is slowly destroying the planet we live in with the creation and expansion of big factories, the emission of polluting gases such as methane and carbon dioxide and environmental pollution. In other words, we are affecting the biodiversity of our planet. This is the foundation that supports all life on land and below water, and believe it or not – it affects every aspect of our human health! Biodiversity is what provides us with clean air and water, nutritious food such as veggies and delicious fruits, natural disease resistance as well as climate change mitigation. 

Ocean day aquasana

Without nature, we wouldn’t be able to live on this planet. So, we must take care of every aspect of it to sustain a healthy planet. Altering just one element of this web affects the entire life system, and of course, it can bring serious negative consequences.

According to some studies, human activities have already significantly changed three quarters of land surface and two thirds of ocean area. That’s a lot! And the worst part is that if we don’t raise awareness about this issue and start acting, thousands of hectares of forest will keep disappearing and hundreds of animals will extinguish. Just in 2020 we have been exposed to a series of environmental problems:

  • Australia suffered a massive wildfire due to climate change where over 8,636,079 hectares of bush, forest and parks across the country were completely burned. These fires jeopardized the life of hundreds of species, including Australia’s most iconic animals: the koala and the kangaroos. According to the estimate published in the Medical Journal of Australia, the smoke pollution that blanketed the country’s southeast during the bushfire may have killed more than 400 people.
  • A gas plant explosion occurred in Lagos, Nigeria. The explosion not only damaged more than 50 residential buildings, but it also took the lives of some people that lived nearby or worked at the plant. These heavy gases affected the environment, turned the skies dark grey and left tons of rubble from destroyed buildings on the streets.
  • Last but not least, since the beginning of the year, a virus called COVID-19 started taking the lives of thousands of people all around the world. The emergence of this virus made it clear that when we destroy biodiversity, we destroy the system that supports human life. With all the changes we have generated in our environment, we have created ideal conditions for the spread of viruses between animal and human populations. If we don’t take care of this as soon as possible, more viruses will emerge causing a mess in our health and disrupting the economy worldwide.

The good thing is that we are still on time to change our attitudes and start doing some good to our planet. There are many things we could do to help preserve biodiversity. Remember: even the smallest things can make a big difference on how fast the planet can recover. We can all start by recycling at home, conserve water, use a bike to commute instead of a car to reduce polluting gases, consume reasonably, buy fewer plastic items, use reusable bags, and always choose sustainable.


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