It’s Universal Children's Day!

Did you know November 20th is known as the Universal Children’s Day? Ever since this day was established in 1954, organizations and individuals come together to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide to improve their welfare.

You can contribute by making sure children are not exposed to polluted water. Water that isn’t clean enough can cause bacteria and different diseases that affect their health. Here are some things you could do to ensure they get the cleanest water:

Install Water Filter

Public supplies in some areas are not clean enough, some of them are either polluted by agricultural, industrial operations, or full of harmful chemicals, like chlorine that isn’t good for health. Installing a water filter at home is the perfect way to have peace of mind that you will always have fresh, clear and great tasting water all the time.

Keep in mind: not all filters are the same. You can either find filters that over the counter, perfect for those who move a lot, or under the counter. If you are not sure which one fits your needs, we encourage you to check out our page with the different water filters that we offer.


Get a Shower Filter

Your children can be exposed to harmful chemicals all the time! Why? Because most showers don’t filter the water at all. That results in skin exposure to a lot of chlorine and synthetic chemicals. If you want to protect your child’s skin, hair, and overall health, make sure you install a shower filter in every shower at home. Our BPA free, two-stage filter cartridge lasts about six months and helps enhance the PH balance of the skin, prevent soap scum and allows the skin to perform its natural protection role. So now you know, change your shower filter if you want your children and your family to have a healthier shower experience free of chemicals.

Buy them a water bottle for school

We don’t know where children drink water in school. They may get thirsty and drink from the tap or they may buy bottles of water to satisfy their quench. Make sure they are always drinking fresh, clean water by buying them a water bottle with a filter. These are great because they can refill it in any tap and each filter can last for up to three months. There are plastic water bottles that come with a sleeve and filter and our favourite one stainless steel water bottle that not also filters it, but it maintains the water temperature fresh. So, your child doesn’t have to drink straight from the tap or waste money buying bottled water.

Little details like the cleanliness of the water can make a big difference in your child’s health. Don’t take water freshness for granted! Contribute to the environment and children’s health by spreading the word and making sure no tap water is consumed. Together we can make the world a healthier place to live for us and the little ones.