Keep your pet hydrated with safe, clean, healthy water.

A pet is a member of the family, and as members, they deserve to have what’s best for them! As owners, we care for our pets and seek the best quality food and safest toys for our furry friends, but we tend to overlook something really important: clean drinking water. Just as humans need clean water to survive and stay healthy, pets too!

Here are some of the benefits of clean water for your pets at home, whether is a dog, cat or even a fish!

Clean water protects them from contaminants:

Let’s be clear, is pretty easy for your tap water to get contaminated. By the time water runs through rusty pipes gets to your tap and to your pet’s water bowl, it is already full of parasites or bacteria, making it unhealthy to drink. A great idea to have fresh, clean water all the time is by installing a water filter at home. These filters are less expensive than constantly buying bottled water and it removes all the contaminants from water, giving you unlimited access to clear and great tasting water that will make your pet feel good and hydrated!


Filtered water has less chlorine:

Chlorine isn’t safe to drink! Since the quality of tap water varies from one city to another, in some cases water can contain chlorine products, fluoride and harmful contaminants such as pesticides or heavy metals that can jeopardize your health and the health of your pets. If you don’t drink chlorinated water from the tab, why would you give it to your pets? Also, if the city government tells you not to drink the water from the tap, your pet shouldn’t drink it either. If you care about the health of your pet, make sure you give them the same quality of water of yours!

It tastes better:

Of course, clean water tastes better than regular tap water because it’s pure and fresh. Keep in mind, giving your pet fresh water is not enough, as an owner, you have to constantly change their water bowl. The reason is really simple: the longer water sits at room temperature the more oxygen it loses, but also makes it susceptible to growing organisms that can potentially cause your pet to become ill if ingested. Changing your pet’s water frequently keeps it fresh for them and also helps them stay hydrated and healthy.

So now you know, before providing water to your pets, make sure the water has been tested for bacteria and harmful chemicals that find their way into water sources. If you would like to install a water filter at home to have the peace of mind that your tap water will always be fresh and clean, you have more than one option. Here at Aquasana we offer different filters for your convenience:

Countertop Drinking Water Filter:  This filter can be easily attached to your faucet. It gives you a 6-month access to clean water straight from the tap! This one is perfect if you are renting your home and planning to move in the near future.

Drinking Water Filter 3-Stage under Counter AQ-5300: This one goes under the counter and it is known for providing the best filtration system to clean and purify water. It’s suitable for house or apartment owners that are allowed to go through the installation process.

The Clean Water Machine Dispenser: Great filter at a great price. The best option if water pressure is problematic and if you don’t want any fixture or installation.