Save The Environment By Using Water Filters

The human body relies on water and if the water we drink is not clean, its consumption can trigger numerous diseases in your body. It is shocking that more than 750 million people in the world are unable to drink clean filtered water. Add to this the fact that freshwater is only 2.5% portion of water on the entire earth. As a result, millions of people die every year due to the lack of clean drinking water.

Drinking water contained in plastic bottles poses serious unresolved harm to the environment and is also subject to much health impact concerns. We know for a fact that plastic water bottles especially exposed to hot environments cause the leaching of chemicals in any liquid it carries. These are powerful endocrine disrupters that send the wrong signal to your hormonal balance and thereby create a mess in our bodies regulate themselves hormonally. More recently and widely featured over the news, drinking out of plastic bottles causes microplastics ingestion found in most single-use plastic bottles. Although more studies have been called for to assess the long-term effect on humans, microplastics have already been the cause of much health alarm including death for our ocean’s living creatures.

You can help reverse this problem as the use of water bottles can easily be replaced by using water filters. Water filters will give you ease of access to filtered healthy water without the burden of carrying heavy loads and they ensure you a limitless source of drinking water to satisfy your household needs.

Many people have been preferring bottled water because they have been conditioned to trust that the water carried in it is pristine and safe. Plus, they have doubted the safety of water filters or disliked the taste of filtered water they had tried. As it turns out, bottled water is not safe at all and filtered water come also in a variety of types ranging from reverse osmosis to selective filtration which retains good nutrients and minerals and nice taste. People need to rethink over choosing plastic bottles for their water consumption because it’s not 100% clean nor safe.

With recent coverage over the news that plastic bottled water was less clean than tap water, mentalities will change for the better. By replacing single-use plastic bottles with water filters as they are safer and produce 100% clean water for consumption, our environment will also benefit. There are numerous brands of water filters available. Aquasana Thailand  is one of them and its wide range of water filters has for objective to provide healthy water for your daily usage. This article aims to make you reconsider your use of single-use plastic bottles as the norm and help you transition instead to the use of an eco-friendly water filtration system for your home and offices, etc.


As we all know, bottled water especially single-use plastic bottles are harmful to our health and for the environment as well. It causes pollution and is linked to various diseases including cancer. Researchers found that millions of people die every year due to unhealthy water consumption. We owe to our health to think twice when using single-use bottles as we grow more and more aware of its harmful effects on our body.

The best individual solution to get rid of single-use bottled water is to install a water filter in your home and offices, etc. Not only will it give you health benefits but this will help greatly in saving the environment too. You won’t have to worry about the replenishment of your drinking water stock and you will save your money as well.


Plastic waste is the greatest threat to our beautiful environment. It comes with your regular use of single-use plastic bottles and various domestic packaging. Recycling – although crucial – is not an optimal solution to eradicate the plastic problem. Everyone has a hectic routine and can’t manage the time to recycle plastic waste. By using 8 small bottles a day, imagine the count of your weekly, monthly and yearly use of plastic bottles where there is no recycling plan where you live…

If you choose to install an eco-friendly water filtration system in your home, it is guaranteed that you will get 100% clean, safe and healthy water all the time. There is a wide range of water filters that Aquasana Thailand provides i.e. Countertop Drinking Water FilterDrinking Water Filter 3-Stage under Counter AQ-5300The Clean Water Machine Dispenser and Active Clean Water Plastic Bottles with Sleeve and Filter.

Our Water Filters are not only reliable but the best healthy products for your busy lifestyle.

Taking the decision to install a water filter in your home will be the best ecological and healthy decision you can make. You will be proud of making the environment freer from plastic waste as well as participate in limiting the clean water wastage.